Honolulu – Then and Now

Kawaiahao Church

Kawaiahao Church, the Westminster Abbey of Hawaii


Walking back to my car after a recent Rotary Club meeting, I spotted this site as worthy of a photo. In the foreground is the historic Kawaiaha’o Church, commissioned during the reigns of  Kamehameha II and Kamehameha III and built in the style of missionaries from New England. It was constructed between 1836 and 1842.

Behind it are two modern high rises. The tower at the left was completed just a few months ago.  The other one maybe 20 years ago. My late father, Dudley Wall Smith, born in Honolulu in 1905, would have been horrified by this site. Very near Kawaiaho’o church, to the left across King Street, is Iolani Palace. His  grandfather, Charles J. Wall, was one of the architects for that building, commissioned by King Kalakaua, one of Hawaii’s last monarchs.

I took this shot using my iPhone, representing a technology which would have seemed fantasy as recently as 20 years ago.

Help, Creator God! Is modern technology, covering everything from high rises to “smart phones,” propelling us to some kind of climax in world history? Standing on this very spot, say 50 years from now, I wonder — what would I see? And what kind of modern device would I use to photograph it?


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