N.A. beer — betcha you can’t tell the difference!

NA and alcoholic beer taste test at the Shack

NA and alcoholic beer taste test at the Shack


Several years ago, I forget just why, I decided I would drink only non-alcoholic beer. No, I didn’t have a drinking “problem,” and never have had. I just decided, why consume even a very modest amount of alcohol when there is no discernible taste difference?

Recently, dining with my beloved Margie at The Shack near home, we ordered one St. Pauli Girl’s regular alcohol-containing beer and one non-alcoholic St. Pauli Girl.

We made “blind” taste tests of the two and, honestly, we could tell no difference.

To me, there is a “social responsibility” reason for restaurants to offer non-alcoholic beers. A customer having a few beers “with the boys” might impair his (or her) ability to drive. Given the option of an N.A. beer, he might opt for it — if he’s a real man!

(Hey, I’m being sexist here. Women drink beer, too! — just not as often as men.)

Anyway, I now consume nothing but non-alcoholic beers. Even more recently, dining at the Outback Steak House near home, I had an O’Doul’s. It’s an American product, made by Anheuser-Busch. So N.A. beers are produced on both sides of the Atlantic. No we didn’t do a blind taste test with Budweiser. Darn, I wish we had!


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