Daughters, Nostalgia

Ah, reminiscing . . . about youth

IMG_1780I took this photo near our home in Hawaii Kai, using my iPhone (naturally). I’d been out for a four-mile run and took the photo as an act of reminiscing.  All three of our daughters had attended this elementary school. The photo of the girls (below left) was taken during these elementary school years.  When we moved to the islands in 1971, we had  planned to send them to Punahou School immediately. It’s a school that two generations of Smiths before them had attended–my dad, my older brother and I.

But when we purchased a townhouse home in Hawaii Kai in east Oahu, we noted that there was this splendid looking public elementary school practically next door.  My salary at the Honolulu Advertiser, which had hired me as financial editor, was relatively modest and Margie for the time being would be pretty much a full-time mom.  Saving $$$ would be nice.

So Suzanne went to Hahaione Elementary for one year, Patty for three years and Sandy for five.  The photos at the right were taken while the girls were in Punahou. Suzanne is the top, next Patty and Sandy with our dog, Winston.
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Back to the sign at the top.  On a recent visit, Sandy said it had not existed at the time she was there.  And the “motto” — Appreciation, Integrity, Respect — was new to her.  Notice that it spells AIR — air for the hawk to fly through, I guess.

Patty, sadly, was to die of lymphoma, before completing her first year of college. That’s another story, told in a previous blog.

Bottom line:  Enjoy the joys of life — to make the memories even sweeter.


On a morning jog in Hawaii Kai

Us and Hawaiian flags

Us and Hawaiian flags

Last Sunday morning, in the last 2 miles of a 7.8-mile run, I spotted this scene, and stopped to take this photo. The photo indicates several things:

** The weather: It was a breezy and partly cloudy day.

** The location. Despite being in farmland, it is close by a 50-plus luxury home development In Hawaii Kai.

** Flying below the U.S. flag is our Hawaiian state flag — a combination of the U.S. flag and the British union jack. That tells me the flag likely was put up by a part Hawaiian person or persons fond of our state.

**The owner of the home in the background has joined the growing practice in Hawaii of installing solar panels, for at least part of the home’s electricity needs. Electricity rates in Hawaii are among the highest in the nation.

**Atop the ridge are homes that have cooler temperatures, breezier weather and certainly magnificent views. Margie and I live in the Hahaione Valley, on the other side of this ridge. We reside in a 46-unit townhouse complex — still a mighty nice place to live.

I’ve often said, all considered, there is no better place in the world to live than Hawaii.

Oh, about my 7.8-mile run. How could I be so precise about the distance? I took this photo with my iPhone 5S, in which I had also activated the “Log My Run” app. I continue to be amazed at how many functions one can do at the same time with Steve Jobs’ incredible creation of  less than a decade ago.

Oh, and isn’t the sharpness of the picture amazing! I’m old enough to remember cameras which had to be loaded with film — and with black and white film at that.

Darn, I forgot to take a selfie, to give the photographer unmistakable identity.